Pirates News · Garaway Spring Event Info

First:  To all athletes and Garaway students – Stimulate your minds, bodies, AND spirit in this time off.  Exercise, read a book, bible verses, inspirational quotes.  Discipline yourself, don’t make mom tell you to get off the couch. 🙂  Be active and constructive.  More importantly, think about others!! Be servant leaders to your family and those you still have contact with.  Be positive to your family.  Tell them you love them, help out around the house, be kind to your siblings.  Strengthen yourself in times of adversity.  I, and your coaches love you all.  We are going to ok!  We will see you soon.

Info:  The IVC has decided to cancel all events through April 10th.  If we can start practicing on April 6th (current OHSAA guideline) this will provide time to re-acclimate to the sport.  The situation is very fluid and changing daily so please be patient.

ABOVE ALL ELSE:  Your health and safety is the priority.  We strongly encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines and please do not gather in groups to have informal “practices” of any kind.