Pirates News · Help out area athletes and schools-Become an Official!

The OHSAA has released an article http://ohsaa.org/news-media/articles/ArtMID/2006/ArticleID/263/BECOME-AN-OFFICIAL-%E2%80%93-STAY-CONNECTED-TO-HIGH-SCHOOL-SPORTS touching on the widespread shortage of officials around the state.  That is very true, even more so, in our area.  Please take a minute to read the article and share with others that may be a good candidate.  At the very least, this is a good opportunity for me to remind all fans and parents to please appreciate the men and women that choose to be officials.  Without their willingness we would not be able to play the number of games we do.  Please treat them with respect and remember buying a ticket does not come with the right to yell whatever you want from the stands.  Above all else, remember we are adults setting examples for how our young athletes and student fans should behave and react in stressful situations.  Please help set the right example and be a positive part of the event.